Hey there! You’ve stumbled upon my social media marketing strategy project for my brand, Making It Up. For the whole month of March 2021, I’ll be learning the ins and outs of social media strategies to help my Instagram and Youtube Channel grow at a faster pace. 

This month I’m going to spend my time:

  • Learning how to manage a project. 
  • Researching social media strategies and how to measure metrics. 
  • Creating a social media strategy for Making It Up from scratch. 
  • Creating a social media plan to implement my strategy. 
  • Documenting my work, weekly. 

Keep on reading to learn what I did this week! And click here to learn what I did last week.

What did I accomplish this week?

This week I dove deep into my project. I mostly focused on reading my analytics and researching and creating my buyer persona. These are two key components for my social media strategy so I made sure to nail these down to ensure a high success rate by the end of the month. 

Here’s what I did this week: 

  • I created two buyer personas. The next step to building my strategy was creating buyer personas. So this week I did some research on what buyer personas are and how to build them, and I created one for my Instagram account and one for my YouTube channel.
  • I learned how to read social media analytics. Analytics is the key to understanding your viewers and consumers, and this week I learned how to read them effectively. I did extensive analytic research on both my Instagram and YouTube analytics and noted the most important pieces of information that will help me finish my strategy.
  • I made a video showing viewers how to read YouTube analytics. As part of my project documentation, I filmed a short video showing viewers a quick overview of how to read YouTube analytics and the most important analytics they need to focus on if they’re building a social media strategy. 
  • I wrote a blog post on how to create buyer personas. I also wrote a blog post sharing my process of how I built my buyer personas with examples. I wanted to reach content creators specifically so I made sure to frame it in a way that’s geared more towards followers/viewers, not necessarily customers.
  • I wrote my week two update blog post. To document my work this week I wrote the blog post you’re currently reading to update whoever is following along with my month-long social media marketing strategy project!

What went well? 

This week my project manager kept me on the right track. It was a super busy week and I had a lot of other important life things I needed to work on besides my project. Thankfully my Notion task system kept me accountable and helped me reach my goals for the week. 

I’m also halfway through my project which is crazy to think about since I just started it last week. I still have a bit to go before I finish my strategy but if I continue working at the pace I’ve been working, I’ll be able to finish my strategy next week and start implementing it!

What could improve? 

My biggest struggle this week was documenting what I learned. Specifically the Loom video I recorded where I go over my analytics. I had to reshoot it like eight times because I either messed up, ran out of time, or all of the above. I wanted to keep the video under five minutes long but the amount of information I wanted to fit into it was over five minutes long. I got quite frustrated and spent way too much time stressing over it until I was able to film one I was happy with. 

I almost gave up a couple of times but I’m glad I didn’t. After this rough experience, I now know that I should be 100% clear on what I want to say and the points I want to hit before I start recording. A few idea bullet points could be useful as well. 

Coming up next week

Next week I’m focusing on building the last few elements of my social media marketing strategy and documenting my learnings. Here’s what I’ll be working on: 

  • Creating my content strategy for the foreseeable future
  • Creating my plan of implementation 
  • ‘Strategy vs. Plan’ blog post 
  • Week 3 update blog post

See you next week!

Curious about my social media marketing project? Click here to read about my entire journey!

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