Hey, I’m Isa, a 23-year-old makeup artist turned digital content creator based in Guatemala City.

When I was in High School I discovered my passion for makeup through a self-directed project. I launched my social media platform Making It Up at 16, in hopes of teaching and inspiring other beauty aficionados about makeup. 5 years, a Makeup Artist Certification, and plenty of clients & freelance jobs later; I’ve successfully expanded Making It Up across 3 platforms.

Throughout the years, my passion for beauty led me to find a passion for creating valuable content for digital communities. I went from being a consumer of content, to a creator of content and that has helped me and my career grow exponentially. I’ve learned all the ups and downs of managing social media accounts with ads, copywriting, creating high-quality engaging content, and helping people feel beautiful in their skin.

I come from a family of artistic entrepreneurs so I’ve always had a passion for solving problems creatively and finding compelling ways to tell my story to the world. Whenever I’m not working –which isn’t often– I love to travel, read, eat, and constantly learn new things.

Welcome to the hub on all things me! Hope you stick around to see where I go from here 🙂