A year ago I declared I was too old for TikTok and would never use it. A bold claim for a digital content creator like myself. One year and a pandemic later, I am now obsessed with TikTok. Sue me. 

And it’s no surprise that this social media platform has become the default for so many people these days. TikTok offers something for everyone. It can be educational, funny, entertaining, influential. The way it moves the world is unlike any other social media platform in history. 

I know it seems like a platform you go on to waste time but it has become a crucial part of how brands––and people––market their content. 

At this point, TikTok is more than just a social media platform. It’s a storytelling tool that allows you to share your story with one billion users. TikTok is interactive, new, and it’s changing the way people consume media. There’s something about TikTok that makes consuming and creating media effortless. And easily consumable media sways people into buying or opting out of products almost instantaneously. It’s fascinating! 

And that is why marketers should use it to their advantage. 

A perfect example of successful marketing via TikTok is Gucci. 

Gucci has a long history of being a quirky, luxury brand. The term luxury meaning: completely unattainable for everyday folks like you and me. When you think Gucci, you think celebrities and wealthy people. Not 17 year-olds. And that’s how it used to be up until the birth of TikTok. 

TikTok users love sharing their fashion online. From hauls all the way to style videos; it’s one of the most popular niches on the platform. But one thing that’s unique to TikTok is that users are engaging in a more authentic and open conversation around fashion. 

And that’s where Gucci slid right in and started connecting with a younger demographic in a way they never had. 

If you go all the way down to Gucci’s first few TikToks, you can see their stunningly visual short ads and behind the scenes. The videos give the viewer a solid overview of what the brand is all about. It was cool and people enjoyed it, but it was a pretty standard brand approach to TikTok. It didn’t do much in terms of understanding and connecting with their audience.  

That all changed with the birth of the #guccimodelchallenge. 


Celebrating the #GucciModelChallenge created by users on @tiktok. Seen here is @seannaltman. Voice-over by @morganpresleyxo #AlessandroMichele

♬ original sound – Gucci

The Gucci Model Challenge was created by users who were making fun of Gucci models and their outfits. It went viral on TikTok and Gucci decided to get in on the fun. They picked their favorite user videos and reposted them to their account which inspired more people to participate in the challenge in hopes of being featured on Gucci’s account. Talk about spreading the word. 

Since then, they’ve collaborated with the original creator of the Gucci Model Challenge on another challenge-like video called #GucciAbsoluteBeginners. Not only did the brand get to directly connect with creators, but they also connected with the audience in an entertaining way that didn’t feel like they were selling the brand. This was just another fun challenge that put Gucci at the forefront of TikTok marketing. 


Celebrating the #GucciModelChallenge created by users on @tiktok. Seen here is @seannaltman. Voice-over by @morganpresleyxo #AlessandroMichele

♬ original sound – Gucci

Don’t get me wrong, Gucci still runs their beautiful ads on TikTok; it’s not just fun videos. They’ve created a balance between the two elements and curated the perfect feed that all users admire. Through their unique visuals and fun challenges they established themselves within the fashion community of TikTok and set themselves apart from all other brands. 

What was the effect of all this you might ask? 

A younger demographic of customers, of course. Gucci has become a glamorous dream for young adults all over the world. For those who can afford it, it has become a staple in their wardrobe. TikTok has taken a high-end brand and made it into something everyone can enjoy. Be it via TikTok videos or their products. 

Gucci is just one great example of adaptability to change in how the world consumes media. A lot of brands are following suit and that’s exactly how it should be. 

TikTok is just the latest social media trend. Others will come after it. And if we want to tell our brand’s stories and connect with our customers, staying on top of them is vital. 

Media is constantly evolving. It only makes sense that marketing evolves with it. 

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